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Do You need the helping hand of a Professional writer?

Changing our world would be far simpler if every thought leader or individual with a powerful story to tell wrote compelling, persuasive prose with ease. But that is not the case. The truth is, many people walk through life with important ideas locked inside their brains. The thought of the blank page paralyzes them, or they simply do not have the time to write.

Maybe that describes you.

You may need a writer on your team if writing is a chore. You may need a writer if you know you cannot make time for it. And you may need a writer if you find that what is in your head and what ends up on the page do not match up.

Lari Bishop is our writing lead. She works with authors on books, social media, white papers, articles, workbooks and more. Regardless of the form, her strategy is to help you align your content with your goals and with the demands of the market. She begins every writing project with a series of foundational questions:

  • What are your professional and personal goals for the project?
  • Who is your primary and secondary audience?
  • What is your core message and your promise to your reader?
  • Who do you want to be to your audience?
  • What do you want your reader to do next?
  • How will you support and market the project?

After a deep analysis of these questions, she gathers your ideas and studies your voice. She will brainstorm ways to best communicate and support your concepts, and she will challenge you to achieve clarity.

If you believe you are ready to write that book, start that content marketing effort, or spread your ideas in some other written form, contact us and let’s explore how we can help.