Publishing Strategy

Let Us Help You Build Your Publishing Team.

So much has been written about the ease of self-publishing in the modern digital age. While it’s true that publishing a book on your own is easier now than it ever has been, it still isn’t easy to produce a high quality book without the support of a knowledgeable publishing team. Choosing a distribution platform, developing an appropriate cover design, designing the interior, scheduling the work to align with your release plans—there are many steps in the process and they all require a unique knowledge base.

If you’re interested in self-publishing and you want to produce a book that will rival the quality of the traditional publishing houses, let us help you. We can provide a manuscript analysis and recommendations for appropriate editorial work, recommend vetted editors, connect you with the right designer for your needs and budget, help you choose the best distribution platform, and then set your book up on that platform. We don’t hire inexperienced freelancers and then upcharge you for the work they do. We help you build a trusted team of experts who can save you time, money, and sanity.

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