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Every Great Author Needs an Editor’s Support

Once upon a time, publishing houses would take a chance on a writer who showed talent but also needed coaching or editorial guidance. Those days are gone. We are now in the era of the author’s editor. Most authors today work with an independent editor who coaches them through the writing process or digs in to refine the manuscript.

Authors hire editors before submitting to agents, after being picked up by an agent, or even after getting a publishing deal. In-house editors are advocates for their authors and publishing industry experts. Very few have experience doing detailed editorial work.

If you are thinking about writing a book, are stalled in the middle of a book project, have been struggling to attract an agent, or are considering self-publishing, we can help. No matter your path, you should prepare to put your best foot forward. Lari Bishop, our content and editorial lead, has coached or edited many authors writing in a variety of genres. She has completed hundreds of manuscript analyses throughout her career, providing authors with helpful guidance on marketability, audience, content coverage, style, voice, and more. Positive industry reviews and bestseller lists are exciting, but for her, the best results are how the authors feel about the books they eventually hold in their hands.

If you believe you need a writing coach, a developmental editor, a book doctor, a content therapist, or simply a manuscript analysis, please tell us about your project.

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