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Every day, we help authors and experts create great books and great content. If you have compelling ideas and a platform clamoring for content, we can help you.

Book ghostwriting | Social media writing | Articles | White papers | Workbooks

Are you looking for a writer to help you develop your book or your social media presence? Our content lead, Lari Bishop, has decades of writing and editing experience. She has written more than twenty books (including bestsellers and award winners), workbooks and educational materials, and online content for authors, experts, and organizations. If you don’t have the time or the experience to accomplish your content goals, explore our writing services and let us know how we can help.

Writing coaching | Developmental editing | Manuscript analysis

Do you have an idea for a great book or even a completed manuscript, but are not sure what your next step should be? If you are considering writing a book, we can coach you through the development of a manuscript that meets your goals, engages your audience, and has strong market potential. If you have already completed a draft, we can offer feedback on marketability, reader engagement, and more through a manuscript analysis, or we can dig in and polish your work. Lari has coached dozens of authors and has edited or analyzed hundreds of manuscripts. In today’s tough publishing landscape, getting it right the first time is important if you want to attract an agent, a publishing deal, or even a following with your self-published content. Review our editing and coaching services, and let us help you produce your best content possible.

Cover design | Page design and layout | Print and distribution support

Are you looking for help with book production? Alex Head is our design and production lead. He has designed numerous book covers and interiors and produces books within the traditional publishing process and with self-publishing platforms. Some hire us just to compose, or layout, books based on others’ design specifications. We work with independent authors and large publishing companies. Whatever your book design and production needs, we can help.

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